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I’m going to paste what I essentially wrote to my boss and a handful of co-workers to inform them that I’m working from home tomorrow:

If the headache/neckache I have right now is any indicator I’m going to be of more value if I don’t overdo it.  I swear they use pieces of corroded conduit hacksawed at an angle instead of needles.

The Dude drove me up to the office since Cruel Wife couldn’t make it down in time   For some reason they just don’t like you driving home after sedation.  Wimps.

Truth be told it is a very smart thing that they keep you from driving because as alert as you think you are, you’re still functioning with scrambled eggs for brains and an IQ of about 45.  You also have the reaction times and finesse of a pithed frog.

Now, I’m going to sign off before my head falls off.


Here’s a picture that will give you the willies.  How many times was it found that such an invention would have saved a life?  How did they discover that such a device should have been used?


Aqua-Velvet has enough interesting stuff I thought I’d also include this link to the interesting life/origins of the game Monopoly.

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