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Update: Go Taco Bell!

A day or so ago I had fun making a Taco Bell graphic – mocking the ridiculousness of the entire situation.  And I also stated that I wish Taco Bell would win lawsuit.

Still do.  If I cheerlead enough do you think I could get a free six-pack of tacos to go?

Check back in this space [right here] tonight when I tell my very own Taco Bell story.

Now, Taco Bell paid for a full-page ad, which makes me pretty sure they’re not going to mind any extra free coverage, so here’s the advert again.  (If they ask, I’ll take it down but I’d be shocked if they did.)

Go, Taco Bell, fight the food nazis, win, and take a pound of flesh when you counter-sue!  Just don’t ruin the flavor of the tacos by using that pound of flesh, thank you.

I think they’re about to show the fruit-bats where the beef is.

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