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We drove a great distance at great risk to ourselves – we risked the odds of fires, floods, pestilence, earthquakes, tsunamis, teeming hordes of rabid skunks – all so we could go to the distant town of Brighton to see Michelle Malkin speak.

It was a packed crowd for the region it was in, and I’d estimate two to three thousand easily.  Cold, blustery, the kids whined in our ears even as the wind roared through them.

Cruel Wife and I had been talking about Tea Party and Lemurita wanted to know what that was about.  We described the original Tea Party and how there are some similarities and what the Tea Party means now.

I had taught Lemurita on the way up the nasty habit of redistribution of wealth by putting it in terms of getting an A that you worked hard on and giving 30 points to a kid who didn’t make the right choices and didn’t work as hard.  When MM talked about redistribution of wealth my daughter booed.  I am so proud.

MM said two things that stick in my head – one was her utter disgust with the cries of racism.  She held up her hand and said “What?  I’m darker than [Obama] is!”   And then she talked about inoculating our children against the attempts to indoctrinate them, saying “No, we need to to instill self-control… self-DISCIPLINE…”  Oh, a third thing stuck in my head… “women, we will be voting with our brain parts.”

It was a very quiet well-behaved crowd that politely cheered when she or Theyrone X had something good to say, booed the policies that anger any conservative, and in general was unfailingly polite to one another.  There were no beatings, no rapes, no shootings, no screaming matches, no hecklers, no public intoxication, no public urination, no obnoxious signs and counter rallies going on nearby.  It was like any Tea Party gathering – one of concerned citizens that are more than a little tired of the government thinking we work for them and not the other way around.

MM even mentioned HomeSec at one time tracking Tea Partiers because of the dangerous element they represent.  Well track me silly fellas.  You’ll get bored really fast.

And while waiting for a sign to put in my front yard I got to pet two Pugs, which were a hoot.

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