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Pre-Daddy Days

“Pre-Daddy Days” means “Before Father’s Day”.

A terrific Event happened tonight.  It was like Father’s Day came a few days early.

Lemurita is plagued with insomnia like I am.  She got up a half hour ago and came into the kitchen where Cruel Wife and I were talking about meeting up with Spaced Diode tomorrow for a BBQ.

Earlier in the evening I ran across CW’s throwing knives tucked into a hidey spot and also went and gathered up mine.

I asked CW if it would be ok to mention them to Lemurita and she said yes.

So I said “Lemurita, would you like to learn how to throw knives at Spaced Diode’s house tomorrow?”

As the idea of what I was saying dawned on her, her smile got wider… and wider… and wider… and her eyes glittered… and I knew, beyond even a smidgeon of a doubt, that Lemurita shared my genes and quite possibly Cruel Wife’s, too.

I have other toys of that nature that I brought out and demonstrated for her.  Picture a girl with a terribly wide, almost impossibly wide, foolish grin on her face while seeing her ambidextrous daddy flip knives around.  I basked in her delight.

She said “Would you feel it if you stabbed your arm?”

I looked at her with my most genuine look of confusion.

“Your arm – the one that is messed up.”

(poking myself hard in the arm multiple times with the knife I was holding)

“You mean like this?”

She took a step back, her eyes widening and said “Yeah.”

“No, not really.”

“How about if you cut it?”

“No, and I probably wouldn’t know if I burned it, either.”


“Well, the coolness of it really isn’t worth the price I paid…”

Indulge me in mentioning the Event.  It was different, it was fun, and I will cease to be a superdad in her eyes soon enough.

By the time I got her herded off to bed she managed to wheedle me into bringing my childhood longbow with us so she could begin learning archery as well.

I may be superdad in her eyes for a while yet, but she’s definitely my kryptonite and probably always will be except on the topics of dating and the merits of 10mm and .40 cal handguns over 9mm’s.

I growled at her “Be off with ye, foul worm, to bed!”

“G’night dad!”


Kids and wives… if you really really REALLY love your dad/husband, you will run right out and get the makings for this (adjust ingredients to his taste).  Somewhere after capping it you wrap it up in paper and foil and press the thing under roughly 30 tons of weights until it is nice and flat.  I think of it as being like a Cuban, only different.

I have no idea where it came from other than a much larger picture set was embedded in an e:mail to me today.  It looks awesome.

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