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Close shave.

Ok, yesterday I told y’all about the tornado going through Dexter, Michigan.

Today when I took my usual route home I realized that several huge trees (3-4 feet in diameter) were now down and several buildings were demolished.

Had I been just a few minutes behind in going home I would have had a tornado in my lap. I couldn’t hear the siren until opening my window so the reality is I couldn’t tell you if I opened my window just as they went off or if they had already been going. I do know that it had been sighted before I got into town because I heard it on the radio.

My co-worker (The Butcher of Lansing) saw it up close and way too personal. So he called me last night and was thankful to be safe/alive.

As I was just leaving work tonight I was stopped about ten or fifteen cars behind the light. I looked up in time to see a car hurtling towards me and making no attempt to slow down, going 40 to 50 mph. At one point, almost the point of no return, as I said “Awww, **** me…” and then the guy stood up in his seat, wrenched the wheel, and stomped his brakes, locked them up entirely. I turned left and goosed it as much as I could without hitting the guy in front of me. The guy behind me continued his skid and shot to my right and only when he completely passed me did he finally come to a stop. He skimmed by me by mere inches.

With my neck as it is and with no collar hitting me that fast could have very easily left me paralyzed. This would have sucked, as you can well imagine.

Once I found my heart (it leaped out of my chest, Alien-style) I called The Butcher and said, “You know how you called me yesterday, glad to be ok and alive? Well, about that…”

It would have been a life-changing event. I had time before the potential impact to think “OK, it just took five years to recover from the last one… Not again… Noooo.”

So I was happy to pick up the kids and go make dinner with my daughter.

My guardian angel is out getting hammered tonight, I’m sure.
My daughter, who is at this very moment making a “leprechaun trap”, says that I absolutely may not either BBQ or smoke any leprechaun that she may catch in the next 24 or so hours.

“No, Dad, you may not smoke a leprechaun – I want it for the gold!”

So it is apparently ok to mug one but not eat one. Bummer.

Speaking of Alien-style, Bunk Strutts over at Tacky Raccoons posted a great animated GIF… Alien vs. Predator.

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Good on ya.

Update: A tip from The Butcher of Lansing…  well done, BoL, well done.  Article at the link after the pic.



A writer could try to sex the story up all the editor wants, but a heroic mom is a heroic mom.

To Stephanie Decker of Indiana:  Well played, ma’am.  Well played.

Decker made a split-second decision to save her children, tying them up in a blanket and throwing herself on top of them.

“Everything started hitting my back: pillars, beams, furniture, everything was just slamming into my back,” she said. “(My children) were screaming, ‘Mommy I can’t live without you, I don’t want to die, please don’t let me die.’ And I said, ‘We are not going to die, we are going to make it.’ ”

Miraculously, her children emerged from the storm completely unscathed. Decker lost one leg above the knee and the other above the ankle.

“When I looked down and looked at my leg and realized either it was cut off or it was barely attached, I took my phone and made a video to my husband telling him that I loved him, and my children that I loved them, in case something were to happen,” Decker said. “I prayed to have the strength to survive, that I want these kids to have a mom and I did not want them to grow up without me.”

Yeah, it’s a few days old but I’m behind a few days.  And someone who does good should never not be told just because the praise might come a bit after the fact.

I once took a course for company business and went and grabbed dinner later and a chinese lady came along with.  We got to talking and if you held a gun to my head I could not tell you how we got on that particular topic or to that point in a conversation but she quite matter-0f-factly said she would not risk a burning home for her daughter because “I can always have another child”.

I couldn’t say a whole awful lot once she uttered that statement.  The end of the dinner could not really come soon enough after that.

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Awww, Crap. This Truly Sucks. Damn. More people worthy of respect, and they are boys who already have more on the ball than many adults. Good for them.

This from Breitbart…

4 dead, 48 injured as tornado hits Boy Scout camp

Jun 12 09:31 AM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

BLENCOE, Iowa (AP) – Frightened Boy Scouts huddled in a shelter as a tornado tore through their western Iowa campground, killing four teens and injuring 48 others who had little warning of the approaching twister.

Tornadoes also raked Kansas on Wednesday, killing at least two people, destroying much of the small town of Chapman and causing extensive damage on the Kansas State University campus.

Iowa rescue workers cut through downed branches and dug through debris amid rain and lightning Wednesday night to reach the camp where the 93 boys, ages 13 to 18, and 25 staff members were attending a weeklong leadership training camp.

The tornado killed three 13-year-olds and one 14-year-old, said Lloyd Roitstein, an executive with the Mid America Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He did not release the names of the victims.

Roitstein said a tornado siren went off at the camp, but the scouts had already taken cover before the siren sounded.

The boys had been in two groups when the storm hit the Little Sioux Scout Ranch in the remote Loess Hills. One group managed to take shelter, while the other was out hiking.

At least 42 of the injured remained hospitalized Thursday morning, with everything from cuts and bruises to major head trauma, said Gene Meyer, Iowa’s public safety commissioner. At least four of the injured were airlifted from the camp, he said, refusing to elaborate on their conditions or identify the dead.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of the victims,” Gov. Chet Culver said. “We continue to do everything we can to make sure those injured are going to recover.”

All the scouts and staff were accounted for, Meyer said, adding that searchers were making another pass through the grounds to make sure no one else was injured. The camp was destroyed.

Thomas White, a scout supervisor, said he dug through the wreckage of a collapsed fireplace to reach victims in a building where many scouts were seeking shelter when the twister struck at 6:35 p.m.

“A bunch of us got together and started undoing the rubble from the fireplace and stuff and waiting for the first responders,” White told KMTV in Omaha, Neb. “They were under the tables and stuff and on their knees, but they had no chance.”

The nearest tornado siren, in nearby Blencoe, sounded only briefly after the storm cut power to the town, said Russ Lawrenson of the Mondamin Fire Department.

Taylor Willoughby, 13, said several scouts were getting ready to watch a movie when someone screamed that there was a tornado. Everyone hunkered down, he said, and windows shattered.

“It sounded like a jet that was flying by really close,” Taylor told NBC’s “Today” on Thursday. “I was hoping that we all made it out OK. I was afraid for my life.”

Ethan Hession, also 13, said he crawled under a table with his friend.

“I just remember looking over at my friend, and all of a sudden he just says to me, `Dear God, save us,'” he told “Today.” “Then I just closed my eyes and all of a sudden it’s (the tornado) gone.”

Ethan said the scouts’ first-aid training immediately compelled them to act.

“We knew that we need to place tourniquets on wounds that were bleeding too much. We knew we need to apply pressure and gauze. We had first-aid kits, we had everything,” he said.

Ethan said one staff member took off his shirt and put it on someone who was bleeding to apply pressure and gauze. Other scouts started digging people out of the rubble, he said.

At a news conference Thursday, Culver praised the scouts for “taking care of each other” as emergency workers from several state and local agencies cut through debris to reach the camp.

Roitstein reminded reporters at the news conference that the Boy Scouts motto is “Be Prepared.”


I love our guys and gals in uniform, but contrast those boys with these “men”. They bring embarrassment down upon them and all their fellow soldiers.  Just goes to show you, age and size is not what makes you a man, it’s what you do, and who you are.

Marine expelled, another punished over puppy video

Jun 12, 12:27 AM (ET)


HONOLULU (AP) – The Marine Corps said Wednesday it was expelling one Marine and disciplining another for their roles in a video showing a Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff while on patrol in Iraq.

The 17-second video posted on YouTube drew sharp condemnation from animal rights groups when it came to light in March.

The clip shows two Marines joking before one hurls the puppy into a rocky gully. A yelping sound is heard as it flips through the air.

“That’s mean. That’s mean, Motari,” an off-camera Marine is heard telling the Marine who tossed the black and white dog. The off-camera Marine snickered slightly afterward.

Lance Cpl. David Motari, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment at Kaneohe Bay, is “being processed for separation” from the Marine Corps, the Marine Corps said in a news release. He also received unspecified “non-judicial punishment.”

The Marine Corps didn’t say what role Motari played in the clip.

The video was viewed tens of thousands of times before YouTube took it down because of a violation of the site’s terms of use.

“The actions seen in the Internet video are contrary to the high standards we expect of every Marine and will not be tolerated,” Marine Corps Base Hawaii said in a news release. “The vast majority of Marines conduct their duties with honor and compassion that makes American people proud.”

The second Marine, Sgt. Crismarvin Banez Encarnacion, also received unspecified “non-judicial” punishment.

Encarnacion is assigned to the Weapons and Field Training Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

First Lt. Binford Strickland, a Marine Corps Base Hawaii spokesman, said the service may not reveal what roles the two men played in the video because that was part of the investigation. He said releasing such information would violate the Privacy Act.

Strickland declined to provide details about the disciplinary measures taken against the men for the same reason.

source: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20080612/D918ACR00.html

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