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I have it on good authority from real researchers that you can turn one of these:

Into one of these:

With simple video games. Yes. Apparently in western culture our children are so devoid of anything in their lives that constitutes an anchor that they will grasp on to the one thing we provide them – a single video game console, and the only game we give them, whatever it may be.

Grand Theft Auto will turn them into Marv (or only slightly worse, Kevin) from Sin City.


But if we give them wholesome things like Pokemon or Candy Crush, we will end up with the perfect child – one that we will not even have to interact with when raising them! Awesome!

Below is my son after just two applications of Clumsy Ninja(tm). Now, aren’t you envious?


Of course, a number of educated women don’t seem to appreciate art’s ability to start discussion and thought. Maybe they have been out of touch with life?


Immigration reform seems to be wobbly (for now, anyway) but even when they try to get it right folks on the right get it wrong. Like a kid with autism that mimics empathy he isn’t feeling but doesn’t do it in the right context, politicians don’t seem to get what people are against.

“There are serious divisions because there are some people who, frankly, just don’t want a lot of folks coming from the outside,” said Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) on Wednesday. Pointing to the current jobless rate, he added: “They have some very legitimate arguments.”

It isn’t that we don’t want anyone coming from the outside. It is that we don’t like people doing it illegally and then getting a free end-run around the system because it is politically expedient to grant absolution for all the years they broke the law.

From The Examiner, Boehner sails true to his colors..

He’s under pressure from business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to pass legislation that would increase visas for both high- and low-skilled workers. But he knows moving too quickly could risk a rebellion from his right flank and could turn off the Republican voting base ahead of the November election.

“We are going to continue to discuss this issue with our members,” Boehner said.

“But I think the president’s going to have to demonstrate to the American people and to my colleagues that he can be trusted to enforce the law as it is written,” the Speaker added, “It’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes.”

Funny to hear tough guy talk from Boehner, the 200lb fish reeled in on 4lb test line, since he lacks the balls or fight to do anything with conviction. He’ll suck up to whoever can further his goals or destroy him.

Been a bit under the weather. The usual head-cold thing except everything in my head is raw and burning (eyeballs, nose, ears, sinuses), and there is an inner ear part of it. The room is spinning sideways. Not in yaw but in roll, and it is really making it hard to do much of anything. Work isn’t remotely possible because coherent thought is really not reasonable.

I have been thinking recently, however, about making some large amplitude sound. If I am reading some aeronautics papers correctly, it should not be exceedingly difficult to generate somewhere around 150dB (acoustic) using rather easily fabricated geometry and using a standard compressor. And if I can make a resonator…

Why? Mwuh-hah-hah-hah. I want to be a Spark, of course. Sparks don’t need reasons. Just ask Cruel Wife if the idea I sketched out doesn’t sound sparky-ish.

And I will do it steampunk-like. If the idea works, you’ll be able to own a Dr. Lemur Etheric De-Pestinator(tm).

Yes, mooooooo-ooooom, I know 150dB can destroy hearing and is moderately dangerous. And yes, I know you can make a lot of heat with an expansion nozzle.

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