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Norovirus Strikes

What sounds like a union issue is anything but… What it appears to be under closer scrutiny is a norovirus has hit the community hard this year.  Several hundred kids did not report to school at the end of last week.

Our kids got it.  Projectile vomit.  It was on the walls, the ceiling, on the dog (who saw it as a warm meal, the disgusting creature), and on us, too.  I swear, the Boy_Blunder made a shot from 6 feet away.  It was a study in fluid dynamics that would have made Bernoulli proud.

Naturally, we got it.   Cruel Wife got it Saturday night right after Girlhead’s sixth birthday party – and I hope the other little tykes did not take home more gifts than just party favors – and had nasty chills and aches all over.

I thought she was just goldbricking and bellyaching (yar yar) until Monday morning, when yours truly, the Lemur King, woke up and said “Crap, my head is splitting open and I got a horrible case of the ‘zactlies!”

Note: The ‘zactlies are where you wake up and your mouth tastes ‘zactly like an old tractor tire.  Usually, but not restricted to, the morning after a wild night of partying, although more often than not, those incidents lead to the ‘odentias – where a small colony of hygienically-challenged rodents has taken up residence in your mouth.

So… symptoms include – barf, the other stuff, aches, chills, headache, aches, and a nasty headache.  Shaky as a newborn kitten when going up/down stairs.

Lest you feel somewhat better and inclined to ignore your local version of Cruel Wife and eat something really greasy like popcorn shrimp because you are starving to death… ’tis better to starve to death.  Truly.

Oh yes, if you stumbed here looking for treatment…  there really isn’t any.  You are going to suffer.  Bwhahahahahahahaha!  Ahem.  Just kidding.  No there isn’t a cure, but you can help yourself in the meantime.

  • drink lots
  • take ibu or tylenol for aches
  • avoid dairy products
  • avoid popcorn shrimp and tartar sauce
  • if you get dehydrated or the runs persist, go see a doctor
  • expect to feel like dog turds for 1-3 days – I’m at 38 hours and only feel partially human but not like I’m gonna die anymore


Children are little plague vectors!



Your CO2 taxes are likely to go up again, soon.  Al Gore’s Venus-envy…

Al Gore has a new argument for why carbon dioxide is the global warming boogeyman — and it’s simply out of this world.

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday with yet another one of his infamous slide shows, Gore observed that the carbon dioxide (CO2) in Venus’ atmosphere supercharges the second-planet-from-the-sun’s greenhouse effect, resulting in surface temperatures of about 870 degrees Fahrenheit. Gore added that it’s not Venus’ proximity to the Sun that makes the planet much warmer than the Earth, because Mercury, which is even closer to the Sun, is cooler than Venus. Based on this rationale, then, Gore warned that we need to stop emitting CO2 into our own atmosphere.  (source: foxnews)

Need I remind anyone that the chemistry on Venus is so radically different that there is no comparison?  Venus is a nasty place even w/o high temps – having a lot of sulfuric acid in it’s atmosphere.  Sulfuric acid droplets in the atmosphere are suspected of increasing albedo, but you get the idea… you can’t compare apples to rutabagas except in the very broadest of terms.

Gore’s assertion is akin to saying that we need to stop rockets because they make squirrels fall out of trees, and the proof is that cars hit trees and jostle squirrels, too.

Bad illustration, perhaps, but this claim of parity is so stupid as to stretch the bounds of metaphor or analogy.

Another well-researched site rebutting Globular Worming… CO2 Science.


You probably read Drudge, too… but if you didn’t, this was put there tonight:

David Letterman roughed up ex-Gov. Blagojevich in his interview with him tonight. Here's the first exchange after his introduction:

DL: “Why exactly are you here? Honest to God…”

RB: “Well, you know, I’ve been wanting to be on your show in the worst way for the longest…”

DL: “Well, you’re on in the worst way.”

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Update discussing the inside scoop on enzyme therapy/replacement. For a real eye-opener take a gander. Link at the top of this page.


Now for some fun…

The Clintons do NOT keep an Enemies List. Their cadre of Clintonista sycophants does that for them and so does NYT.

The news media have already focused on some list entries, including the online gossip purveyor Matt Drudge (who had the nerve to show up at Mrs. Clinton’s departure speech on Saturday), Todd S. Purdum of Vanity Fair (the author of a recent profile of Mr. Clinton) and the cable network MSNBC (whose hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are charter list members, Clinton associates said).

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In order to provide something to take your minds off of The Election That Lasted 1000 Years I bring you the following comic link that came to my attention by a co-worker. So, Constant Reader, enjoy today’s buffet. Or barfet. Whatever.

This is a pretty funny comic site if you have a warped sense of humor. This is the first one of an array of strips I read and starts with every parent’s dreaded event – The Child-Barfed-in-the-Middle-of-the-Night-Until-His-Nose-Bled-and-

He-Saw-the-Angels Eventit will set the stage.

When I think about this strip it reminds me of Frank Cho’s quirky ley lines of thought that went into Liberty Meadows.

Link to other Dr. McNinja strips…

~~~~~~~~~~~~Amazing Update~~~~~~~~~~~~

The earth just rumbled… must’ve been a 8.0 magnitude quake on my “funny feeling” scale.

South Dakota is the epicenter

Sadly. any idiot can sue for any reason and drive you under with delays and expensive court costs. Especially capable of economic extortion are those organizations with agendas that are well-funded.

“What happened tonight, we were not supposed to be able to do,” Phillips told a cheering audience. “Development projects like this are supposed to be outright rejected by residents and neighbors. But this project is a testament to our balancing the needs for growth and for protecting the environment.”

At stake was billions of dollars in capital investment and thousands of high-paying jobs. From the beginning, Hyperion executives said they would abandon its Union County site, just north of Elk Point, if a majority of voters failed to give their blessing to the rezoning.

While conceding defeat, opponents vowed to keep fighting the controversial project on every imaginable front, pressing on with a lawsuit it filed against the county over the zoning procedures and opposing Hyperion as it applies for a bevy of state and federal permits.

“We have strategies in place to slow or delay all the permit processes,” Ed Cable, chairman of the anti-Hyperion group Save Union County, said after the vote.

Tuesday’s historic election culminated a months-long, emotionally charged campaign that pitted neighbor against neighbor in this extreme southeast South Dakota county.

Supporters cited the once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunities the $10 billion project would bring.

An average of 4,500 construction jobs would be required over four years. With the refinery up and running, Hyperion pledges to create 1,826 full-time jobs at hourly wages of between $20 and $30.

“I think it would be a great opportunity for young people to stay in this area instead of leaving for other states,” Kelly Hoekstra, 31, of Dakota Dunes said after casting a vote in favor of the rezoning.

Opponents argued the massive development would not be worth the pollution and other troubles they claimed the refinery would bring. The health risks traditionally associated with a refinery weighed heavily on the minds of some voters.

“I live out here. I don’t need the pollution,” said Jim Schroeder of McCook Lake, after voting against the rezoning.

Yet, you’re perfectly willing to use oil and gas that came from pollution in somebody else’s back yard? Has anyone even looked into whether or not there have been great strides in pollution and wastes in the last 32 years? Crap, people! If the refineries are so gosh-darned bad in every way, why do you perpetuate the problem by driving around in an automobile?

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