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I wonder if someone should alert NBC to the fact that it’s not 2008 still.


Here’s a reasonable illustration showing how some people need Fisher-Price voting blocks… (Thank you, NBC, for being consistently as stupid as the ‘voters’ that you champion.)

Tabitha Brown, 29, of Oregon, says she won’t vote because she finds her ballot too confusing. “I’m just a simple girl,” she said. “Dumb it down for us.”

In Buffalo, N.Y., Ryan King, 19, said he won’t vote because he doesn’t know if he’s registered. He mailed in a registration form, but no one replied, so he doesn’t know where to show up. Further south in the Bronx, Lala, a woman who is staying at a shelter, isn’t voting because she thought she needed a state ID, which she can’t afford. When she learned she didn’t need an ID, it was too late to register.

Seriously.  “Dumb it down for us” was uttered by a bottom-feeding cretin.  Rather than taking the totally passive “I’m simple” approach, why not try to learn and educate one’s self?  Too much effort, I suppose.

Don’t know where to show up to vote?  Why not go to a library or open up a phone book to find out?  Looking it up online has never been easier.  Call your local RNC/DNC headquarters and they would be tickled to help you – it’s only a phone call away.

Don’t know whether you need an ID?  Ask someone!  Or just sit back and let bad things happen because you lacked the impetus to move.

These are the “disenfranchised” voters you will hear about.  THESE are the people the liberals desperately want to get voting, because these are the people without the slightest semblance of anything more than a rudimentary limbic system and are most likely to vote for whoever promises them something free and with no regard to the use of personal common sense.

Let’s not go back to this:


Rush Limbaugh to be played by John Cusack.  Won’t that be a treat?  Maybe they can bring back Dan Aykroyd to reprise his role as the perpetually constipated Dick Cheney (War, Inc.).

Here’s my problem.  As an actor, in certain movies, I love John Cusack.  But the guy is such an inflamed asshole in real life, it saps much of the enjoyment I could get from his stuff.


And lastly, a headline from a few days ago:

Minorities In Poor Neighborhoods Less Likely To Receive CPR

Minorities who suffer heart attacks in poor neighborhoods are not nearly as likely to receive proper CPR compared to if they were to suffer from cardiac arrest in affluent white neighborhoods.

You may say “Lemur King, why are you talking about this?”

I’ll toss out two portions of that article:

A recent study from a group of medical researchers found that blacks and Hispanics are about 30 percent less likely to be aided by CPR than white people, with the odds being the worst when it involves a black victim in a low-income black neighborhood.

Blacks and hispanics are 30% less likely to be aided by CPR than whites.  Somehow if you are white you (again) have an advantage over a minority, is the implication.

Comilla Sasson, the study’s lead author from the University of Colorado in Denver, found that socio-economic status actually makes more of a difference in a person surviving than a neighborhood’s racial makeup.

If “socio-economic status actually makes more of a difference in a person surviving than a neighborhood’s racial makeup” why preface it with “blacks and hispanics are about 30% less likely to be aided by CPR than white people”?  Why not say “poor people are less likely to get aid”?

Yes, you can argue that blacks and hispanics are more likely to be poor so there is no contradiction here but it’s a matter of how you choose to talk about the results.  This is a study that was aimed and put in a spin cycle to make it sound like whites are all surviving just fine while blacks and hispanics are getting a short end of a stick through no fault of their own, and probably at the hands of whites.

Yes, Comilla Sasson is black, why do you ask?  More focus needs to be put on this:

…the odds being the worst when it involves a black victim in a low-income black neighborhood.

What should have been asked in the article was “Why are more blacks and hispanics unmotivated to learn CPR?  If they are learning CPR, why are they unmotivated to render assistance?”

What are the odds of surviving if you are a white in a black neighborhood or a black in a white neighborhood?

And whose fault is all of this?  What is the “fix” to the problem – throw more money somewhere?  If people haven’t been motivated before, what will make them motivated in the future if opportunities are provided?

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News Flash

Drudge Report shows a McCain/Palin pairing for the election.  He could have done worse – much worse.  Let me rephrase that… he did good, about as good as it gets.  Weasel has some interesting factoids about her.

On another hand, here’s more proof that Obama is high.


This is a PROBLEM???  When was the last time you really felt like taking a shot of alcohol via your eyeball?

DOCTORS yesterday warned against a new craze of taking alcohol through an eye socket.

Pubs and clubs are selling drinks to be taken through the eye because revellers believe they get them drunk quicker and stay in their system longer.

– – –

I’ve whinged about this before, but I’m not the only one noticing that the blogosphere is silent as a morgue lately, right?  I figured 1-2 weeks, but this is… silent.

– – –

Sorry, but if this is the new way to get votes… is it any wonder why people are so ill-informed at the voting precincts?  Look, if you’re really on top of topics and the facts and issues, you’re probably not going to register via an XBOX because you’d have already done it via other means.  Most (most, not all) XBOX players will not be of the mentality to be well-informed on the issues.  Sorry, it’s just true.  So why do I want to get people who don’t know what the **** they are doing out to vote?  I would only want that if they were pliable human putty.  How have we gotten here?  Me, I want people to have to prove that they know a certain minimum level about the topics before they are allowed near a booth.  Allowing an XBOX to be a mode of registration is just asking to move a step closer to this:

“Oh, but that is disenfranchisement!” they say.  HUH?  Is it too much to ask that people know what they are doing before casting votes?  This is serious stuff, and it isn’t about the hairdo, the boyish dimples, our feelings about change, the power-pantsuits… this is about the platform, the issues, and the candidate’s past voting record.

When was the last time you heard someone say “I can’t vote for that guy because I looked up his voting record and it both sucked and blew”?  When was the last time you could say that?

Remember, every time we lower the bar, we are setting the new default.  Fini.


Sixteen hours of the last twenty-four.  Staring at a design.  Drinking coffee.  Staring at design.  Waiting for modeling program to catch up.  Grinding molars.  Drinking more coffee.  Go to the bathroom, realize I haven’t gotten out of my chair yet.  You know the drill.

Just got done 25 minutes ago.  No, I’m not done, but I’m done if you know what I mean.  Stick a fork in my ass and turn me over.  I’d drink but I don’t drink anymore.

Here’s what I see when I look at my desk:

My vision as of right now.

Yep.  Double vision.  What’s worse is there’s no apple on my desk.  Seriously though, that is an artist’s impression of what an apple could look like if it were indeed, sitting on my desk.

I suspect it is somehow linked to the blood from my sinuses, a raspy nasty cough, a truly bitchin’ headache, low-grade fever, and foul taste in my mouth.  If it’s still bothering me in a few weeks I’ll get it checked out.  Driving is a cinch – I just close one eye.   Financially I feel more secure – basically all I have to do is look at my money and it practically doubles.  Luckily I can touch type.


Why do newspaper outlets even write obituaries in advance?

It’s pretty damn ghoulish, if you ask me.  Turns out it ends up being foolish too.


Let’s talk about the kid’s new nickname: Lucky.

Disposable diaper breaks fall, saves child’s life

A disposable diaper has saved the life of an 18-month-old boy, breaking his fall from a third-floor apartment window, officials said Thursday.

Caua Felipe Massaneiro survived a 30-foot (10-meter) fall because his diaper snagged on a security spike embedded in the concrete wall around his apartment building in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife.

The boy dangled from the spike for a moment, then “the diaper opened and the baby fell to the ground, but at a much slower speed,” a police officer said. “The diaper obviously lessened the impact of the fall and saved the baby’s life.”

“It was a miracle,” said the officer who declined to be identified because she was not authorized to speak to the press. “He could also have been killed by one of the spikes.”


It’s already old news but the thing is, it hasn’t been reversed in a damned court yet!

As students get ready to start their classes, the teacher in a small Texas country school, packs a gun together with their lessons. The school is located near the border with Oklahoma and is believed to be the first school to allow weapons in the classroom.

According to the school’s officials, teachers with guns are the only way to protect the school, located 30 minutes from the closest police station.

“How do you stop the angry person without enough sense? It’s not going to take very long for it to be a total massacre,” said Superintendent David Thweatt of the Harrold Independent School District.

This is what I think teachers ought to be allowed to carry (keep one step ahead of the bad guys):

Yes, I know somebody is going to have to write to me and tell me all the reasons why it’s stupid to show that weapon.  Well… don’t.  If you want to have a discussion, I’d love it, but if you’re flexing your brain/ego, go do that with Mensa.

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