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Here’s tonight’s installment on the Girl Genius slaver wasp… last night’s cut is here.

Keep in mind:

  • That up there takes serious effort
  • It is not rendered in Blender3D yet – what you see there is the renderer in My Favorite Modeling Software (MFMS) – it is nice but not the final product
  • The “white” gauge is not white per-se, it is saturated by the renderer’s light that is pretty much behind the scene camera.  I don’t care about it enough to change it at the moment
  • It is too shiny – I will add dirt and bump-maps to it
  • It has no lights yet – those require lamps and radiosity
  • It has no gauge decals yet – that might be tricky for me

So – thoughts?  I’m not fishing for compliments – I’m asking for input – there is a difference.

I will say this – this exercise has dramatically increased my respect for the Prof’s Foglio and Cheyenne in their work on GG.  It was high to begin with but this somehow amplifies it.

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Radiation Burns, Man.

I feared a great many things while living near Hanford years ago, but this was never one of them.


Nasty in all ways imaginable.

Six to twelve inches of topsoil in a 6 acre area are being dug up.   And where are they going to put this soil?  We’re talking 1614 cubic yards of “fairly highly contaminated” soil here folks.

I know!  You bury it.

Radioactive wasp nests at Hanford reservation

RICHLAND — Workers cleaning up the Hanford nuclear reservation are going after radioactive wasp nests.

The Tri-City Herald reports 6 to 12 inches of top soil are being dug up this month from 6 acres near the H Reactor. And, workers will dig up more individual mud dauber wasp nests over about 75 acres of the nuclear reservation in southeast Washington.

The contractor handling the clean-up, Washington Closure, says the nests were all built in 2003 when water was used to dampen dust during demolition of an H Reactor basin. That attracted the wasps that used the mud to make tube-shaped nests for eggs.

Spokesman Todd Nelson says the nests are “fairly highly contaminated.”


The fact that I laughed hard enough to spew this morning’s coffee out my nose probably means I’m a sick bastard.


So this co-worker has been giving me a hard time lately.  As we walk down the hallway I stop long enough to see her in the window of an office as she walks by.  I say “Holy cow, I was just checking, but you really do cast a reflection.”

So she comes back and hangs a seminar folder on my door.

tactWhat was her point?

She says it must have been intended for me and came to her by mistake.


The US Postal Circus must die.  It’s for the planet.  It’s for the children.

How Global Temperatures are Driven by Postal Charges.


If you gotta break some odds and go get hit by a 30,000 mph meteorite, you should follow this kid’s example and avoid getting hit in the head or someplace really precious.

1 in 100,000,000.  Go buy a lottery ticket.  Lucky dog.

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