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Popular Science, something I enjoy reading when I’m looking for “Science Lite” – tastes ok, less taxing…

Anyway, they put up this thing about the WikiLeaks moron.

A sponge by the name of kjmiklautsch commented…

People scream for equality, rally for human rights, protest for world peace, but are okay with the Governments and Powers of the world to continue to hold secrets from their people and other countries. If people truly wanted world peace, or truly wanted equality, we need to stop seeing other countries as competetors, and sharing all information on a global scale. Yes, this plan isn’t perfect, and I understand that thousands or perhaps millions of people will be harmed and possibly killed, but its a [risk I’m willing to take]. There are malicious people in the world, and they thrive on secrets and fear, and without question would take any information that can harm a country or its people and do just that.

Well, ok, since you’re willing to sacrifice those people, it is OK then.  No problem.

We spend so much time, effort and money in hiding things from other countries and trying to steal things from others; if all that energy was instead spent on furthering humanity as a whole instead of securing their seat as a world power, the would would be a better place.

Even though he is not handling the situation in the best way, Julian’s and Wikileaks actions are truly inspiring, and I can only hope that more people will finally open their eyes to the crimes of Governments, Corporations, banks, and other world powers, and in turn follow suit.

Inspiring?  Someone committing espionage and then blackmailing entire governments is inspiring?

I happen to agree with the sentiment that you should not blindly trust your government – any government – but that is a far cry from the automatic assumption Leftards seem to make that all governments are evil.  Or that all corporations and banks are evil.  Or that anyone who makes more than a quarter million dollars a year is suddenly evil.

All information should be free. If one person knows something, no amount of power, be it political or financial or otherwise, makes that person more deserving to know it than I.

I feel deserving of knowing your bank account numbers, you numbnuts.  Share them with me.  You can trust me.  It’ll be ok.  Likewise, your tax information should be free, your medical records should be free, and your fingerprints, DNA, and employer records should be easily accessible online.

Why not?  Surely this ridiculous effort being taken to secure your bank accounts, lock up your doctor’s office, lock up the corner pharmacy, and to lock your house up at night could be better spent furthering humanity.

That just sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it?  Your bank account would be looted, someone might break into your doctor’s office to steal your records, the pharmacy would be cleaned out, and you would come home one day to find nothing there.

Why the hell would you think that a government would be any different?  Childish ideals have no place in a world rooted in reality.

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