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Update, then on to the day’s post….:

Obama Willing to Sell Out His Beliefs to Get Elected

How about that? His ex-pastor who really hasn’t said anything differently lately than he has for the last 20 years ‘Bama was in his church, is now considered a pariah by ‘Bama, and ‘Bama is shocked… SHOCKED at the words coming out of Rev. Wright’s mouth.

I think he’s a better Re-Inventor than Hillary or Kerry combined. There’s a movie poster in that somewhere…

Update #2, and I’m intensely interested in this… a vaccine for nicotine.  Sign me up.

Dribs and drabs, today…  Did I show you this?

Not sure if I did or not. It just REEKS of feminine beauty <cough, cough>.

I tried to poke my eyes out but “They” stopped me. The voices say that I should still keep trying though…

Aaaaaaaaagh! It’s a Basilisk!

~~~~~Today’s Post~~~~~~~

All Righty… not a scientific study, it is small (143 samples), and it hasn’t been well thought out. Had I to do it over again, I might factor in when the female sexual predators were caught – I wonder if there is a correlation when you look at what generation they are from. Bet there is…

Anyway, click on it for the larger graphic. One thing that struck me… aren’t women usually hitting their sexual peak in mid thirties? This peaks out well before that, around 28. If it was a matter of the individual being a lifelong predator you’d expect 22-24 to be higher since they’d start right in as soon as possible. You could say “Well, they might have gone on to get a Master’s in Education”. Mebbe, don’t know.

Or… they get bored and start doing stupid things for the excitement. Any other suggestions?

– LK

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