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Perhaps I’ll be serious later, but not now.

Ever wonder how we would get along without certain types of refined technology? Innovative people, recognizing that necessity is the mother of invention, realized that just plain old desire could be as well.

Crude Technology That Worked … supposedly. I don’t doubt that some of it did.

Sometimes, luck DOES go your way, as this St. Bernard pup Burmese python proved. (where the HELL did I get that from???) Anyway, the Burmese python was found where you’d expect, in Idaho.

Here is the pup.


Random Photos in My Office

(click for the large image size)


A Co-Worker Knows I Love Sushi and Once Encountered Anything But… It was a Bad Story and too long to tell here.  Anyway, she was mocking my inability to find real sushi that one time.

That there, folks is a set of erasers shaped very much like sushi. Identify them, why don’t you?


Gary, My Snail and Patron Saint

Darth Tater

Despite Darth Tater looking like a toy (at work, no less, he has never been removed from his box.

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