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The first and primary reason for this post is D-Day.  Gotta remember it.  Never forget it.

I swear my kids will watch all of Band of Brothers and Pvt. Ryan before they leave home to enter the real world.  By God, theywill understand what our Armed Forces have done and still do for their liberty and that the US is a positive influence on the world.

We can argue about the license taken with BoB but if you want pure facts, the history books are there.  But if you want to show someone the flavor, as much as one can without living it, watch the documentaries and the movies that are everywhere.

Brings us to the other point… our Beloved Leader, also the CiC of our military, stiffed D-Day for a third year.  Not a peep.  The bastard.  And Michelle O. is asking on his behalf for another term so they can finish what they started.

My blood runs cold.

I’m going to take a stab and assume that our President and First Lady’s caregivers were not much on honoring those who have honored us through their sacrifices.


Today is also D-Day in another way.  How about as in “Stuff a Duck Day”?

California is banning foie gras.  If you don’t know what it is, it is a cruel process by which they force feed a duck vast amounts of corn so it can grow nice tasty yummy fatty liver(s).  If you don’t know where I stand on the matter, I favor a stainless saute pan but have been known to use whatever is handy. Hell, in a pinch I’d cook one in a campfire with aluminum foil, but it’s not my first choice.

Yes, in the right forms I will consume an animal’s poison filter – with gusto.   Since I am not rich I generally opt for my Christmas liver allotment in non-duck (or goose) forms – braunschweiger.  Three cheers for pigs!  I proudly carry an inverse-PETA card – People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

Yes, I know that shoots down any chance of ever meeting Charlize Theron but I’m happily married with kids and my odds were pretty low anyway.

Doesn’t that make your insides all warm and gooey? – source: Wikipedia

I say we all run out and buy some to keep the Duck Stuffers™ in business.  Nobody wants California Duck Squeezers™ thinking it can call the shots.

Addendum: I am currently eating Cheez-Its™ and wishing to hell I had some liverwurst to smear on them.  It’s an Oregon-ey redneck-ey thing.

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Lion-Meat Tacos.

I am going to catch hell but ME WANTS ONE!

Boca, gaining a rep for exotic tacos, plans lion-meat offering

Taco types… Crunchy Growler, Soft Growler, choice of three salsas:  Purry, Snarly, and Takedown.

(I just made those up.)

How about…

  • Stork-n-Beans
  • Foxtail Soup
  • Seal Sliders

Add your own in the comments!

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Happy Groundhog Day!


Leave it to someone to try to hijack an idea and control it.  When you start charging a grassroots organization to speak at it (to the tune of $100K – good job there, Palin) and charging $300-$500-something to show up… you have just missed the boat and hijacked an idea. People are TIRED of this kind of crap thinking.

I have to agree with this:

“It seems to me like it’s going to be a bunch of people who want to stand in front of our movement and lead it as parade leaders rather than being somebody who wants to walk with us in the parade,” said Scott Boston, member of Bowling Green Ohio Tea Party Patriots.

I say we keep it low-level and keep going the way we have.  You don’t need a bunch of controllers if the idea has merit.  It’ll fly without a bunch of people pulling a “for profit” move.


I happen to like the little rodents.

I admit that I do harbor in my heart a dark curiosity, wondering what the little buggers taste like.  Especially the one in our back yard that gorged itself silly on berries (mulberries, to be exact).  He heard a noise one day and could barely speed-waddle over to the fence and almost couldn’t fit his girth under it.  I’d never seen a morbidly obese groundhog run before that.

Tomorrow night I will be watching “Groundhog Day” for my 53rd time.  Love that movie.  It’s like the Twilight Zone forced him to go through cognitive therapy the hard way, only without realizing it.  (yes, that’s a contradiction)


I hinted to Enas in the comments (in the last day or so) that I had a logo that the Lemur avatar came out of.  Here is the larger logo that has my friend’s shark added.  For the record we were both lifeguards so that explains the suits.  Neither of us are Swiss.  This was a very fun logo to do.

A variant on that shark – she knows lots about those splitty-fusey thingies so it made sense to make a rad shark:


I find the expression “backdoor taxes” to be particularly apt.


Came from The Patriot Post…

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