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A deer somehow jumps into a lion’s cage at the zoo.

Observant co-worker Laconic Pup noticed this about the article:

“Everyone was cheering, ‘Go, go, go’ ” to encourage the deer to reach safety, witness Josh Shpayher said. “Everyone was rooting for the deer.”

Everyone?  Really?  Not one guy cheering on the lions?  We’ve gotten soft.

Yes.  Yes, we have gotten soft.

I responded to the distribution list:

LC has an excellent point. Very much the heart of the matter.

As recounted by witnesses, the deer, over as much as 20 minutes, was in and out of a moat while the lions clutched, clawed or swatted it. A crowd of spectators grew. Some shrieked, cried out or took children away.

How soft are we when parents can’t say “Here’s what happens in the wild. Fact of life.”?  My dad would have been pointing out how the lion is perfectly made to do the job of catching, killing, and eating that deer (or wildebeest, antelope, gazelle, liberals).

I think more people need to grow up on a farm, butcher their own rabbits and chickens. Geez, man up, people.

So, in order to continue everyone’s education, LC responded with more information:

According to Car-Accidents.com, there are about 150 human fatalities each year in the due to auto collisions with deer in the United States.  Anyone want to guess how many Americans are killed by lions each year?  I’m guessing somewhere around zero.  Clearly, the deer have it in for us, and we should be forming a strategic alliance with the lions to exterminate them.

Also, I’ve never seen a lion maul a deer at the zoo, but I have seen a monkey whip out his junk and start playing with himself two feet from the observation area.  The women turned their children away and the men all busted out laughing.  He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, too.  You should have seen the grin on his face.

I’ve never thought about the combination or context of “monkey junk” until now.  Thanks, LC.


If only we had universal health care – that deer could have been saved rather than drive the lion (and contents of his stomach) to many local area hospitals and get turned down because neither had the proper insurance, Fleeting Ruminant Life or Predator Co-op Life-Choices.

The Hair Guy has an interesting way of putting things.  Clears up a lot of turgid waters that the Health Care Reform Stealth Package swims in.


Report: Major Hasan Tried to Contact Al Qaeda

No, we certainly shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

The president made the comments as the commander of Fort Hood, the US’s largest base for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, quoted witnesses as saying the suspected gunman, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, shouted the Muslim declaration “Allahu Akbar” – God is great – as he opened fire. Speaking at the White House, Mr Obama said: “We don’t know all the answers yet, and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.”

I’m still waiting for the groundswell of condemnation from the hordes of moderate muslims.

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