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It is I… SARCASM MAN.   I’ll do a Captain Sarcasm one in a few days and y’all can vote on it.


I did hint that the coolness had nothing to do with anything I was working on.

I’m big into flexures in mechanisms, because they exploit materials.  This one uses composites to make shocks built into the wheel of the bicycle.  The even cooler part is the tri-fold symmetry works to resist the lateral “roll” of the composite loop.  Much like a leaf spring, the other two arms of the spring act to laterally stabilize any one spring.  Very cool.



Tonight Lemurita said “I have some friends at school have been telling me about Assassin’s Creed III.”

Me:  Yes, that is a game that is currently out.

Lemurita:  They’ve been telling me…

Me:  I know where you are going with this.  Answer is still “No” just like 5 months ago when you asked if you could play it and Mom and I voted it down.

Lemurita:  You don’t let me see anything scary or play games like that.

Me:  Yeah, but you also get to see some things that I think you can handle, like The Matrix, so there is that.

Lemurita:  It’s a game.

Me:  I know.  I am an awful Dad, probably one of the worst, and you should give me a “D” on my Daddy Report Card.

Lemurita:  Well other than those things you are a great Dad, but I think I will mark it on your card.

Me:  Good, I think you should do that then, see if it changes things for you.  Now go on and get your pj’s on and get ready for bed.

… … …

I don’t know for sure but I think that went reasonably well.  I think for Father’s Day I’m probably going to get some dog poo preserved in acrylic, though.  I’m finding with this girl that the whole Oak vs. Willow tree analogy is a load of crap, and I just have to be a slow but very large river, say the Columbia, and let her windsurf at will until she gets cold and soggy and heads in to shore for some corndogs and greasy jo-jos at the local corner gas station.  Crappy metaphor but it sort of works.

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Stay tuned…

My biz has an expession… “Dog and Pony Show”. It is where we stand up in front of people we want to make things for, and they shoot holes in our stuff, we roll with it and make it work out anyway, and if we’ve convinced them we aren’t freakish geeks with zero talent, then maybe, just maybe, they will let us build things for them.

One could be excused for saying “Oh, you’re techno-whores!” We’re not actually. Mostly. We do hard things that other people won’t do. And it is fun.

Today I was given a new name that I think I will run with… “Captain Sarcasm”!

(I will wear that title with pride)

So for the next two days I may be hip deep in dog and pony poo, but when we come up to breathe, I will have some fun things to point out in the engineering world – nothing to do with anything I am working on. Other way cool stuff.

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