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Two Holy Men Meet.

In talking with Laconic Pup about Minecraft (which he is even more of a newbie than myself in) we were discussing the benefits of harvesting sheep (wool), pigs (pork chops), ducks (eggs), and cows (steaks).  It was myself, Inscrutable Half-Breed, Laconic Pup, and ID10T Killer…

Do the villagers drop meat when you kill them?  – Laconic Pup

It was just wrong.


The Pope met with The Dope.

“We actually didn’t talk a whole lot about social schisms in my conversations with His Holiness,” Mr. Obama said at a press conference in Rome. “In fact, that really was not a topic of conversation.”

Mr. Obama deflected a reporter’s question about the extent of his discussion with the pope on the contraceptive mandate by saying that Francis “actually did not touch in detail” on the subject. The administration has been locked in a lengthy legal and political battle with the U.S. Catholic Church hierarchy over Obamacare and issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

The Vatican, however, issued a statement after the meeting saying the president’s discussions with Francis and two other top Vatican officials focused “on questions of particular relevance for the [Catholic] Church in [the United States], such as the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection” — issues that have fueled divisions between Mr. Obama and the church.

So… either the Pope is lying or the Dope is lying.
I say “The Pope smokes Dope”.

The president clearly wanted to benefit from the global popularity of the pope.

Well, duh.  If the Pope had no chance of boosting his ratings, Obama would never have given him the time of day.
Bullshit. I call bullshit.

Grossman’s pain-level was a 10 on a scale of 1-to-10, Allard said, and yet he fervently answered questions on everything from transgender rights and mandatory sex education to issues facing youth and aging members of the LGBTQ community.

If you can tolerate it, your pain isn’t a ten. Don’t go telling me you are a big tough guy. I had a compound fracture broken slowly… A ten is while it is being broken and you are screaming or in the throes of a cluster migraine. You cannot think. Your brain short-circuits at ten.

Kicked in the nuts hard is a nine. Breathing is hard. I hear gut wounds or appendicitis or things of that nature are 8-10, easy.

After a bone is broken, ok, it hurts bad… Now you are eight or nine. I dealt with that for hours. A bad regular migraine is this level. You can think, even if you do want to puke.

But you don’t hold a debate during a ten. Sorry. Now you’re just a lying sack of crap.

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We got 8″ of snow last night after a beautiful day yesterday of 40-50F degree weather – a freaking heat wave relatively speaking.  And now the mercury is crashing, heading for -5F tonight.

I’ve been listening to people whinge and bellyache about this winter for months now.  Months.

And I honestly was able to tell them that I have not minded it.  I haven’t.  The drives haven’t been as dangerous as some years because it was so freaking cold, not a slushy 28 degree snow on warm soil.

Today… today was different.  Damn white sh*t.  Everywhere.

Coworker Laconic Pup sent this.  Awesome.  It is circling the web as he says, but it is still awesome.

second winter


Sheila Jackson-Lee is beyond stupider than a bag of hammers.


As far as mineral names go, “Ringwoodite” is about as wickedly funny as it gets.

I have always pondered on biblical flooding and said “No, really… where did all the water GO??”


Obama is right.  Congress doesn’t have the authority to vote something like this over the president because it does violate the whole checks and balances idea rather thoroughly.

President Obama is threatening to veto a law that would allow Congress to sue him in federal courts for arbitrarily changing or refusing to enforce federal laws because it “violates the separation of powers” by encroaching on his presidential authority.

[Too bad he’s so loose with the limits to his auth-or-i-TAY… – LK]

“[T]he power the bill purports to assign to Congress to sue the President over whether he has properly discharged his constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed exceeds constitutional limitations,” the White House Office of Management and Budget said Wednesday in a statement of administration policy. “Congress may not assign such power to itself, nor may it assign to the courts the task of resolving such generalized political disputes.”

However… he hasn’t the authority to disregard his duties.  All this stuff was already laid out in that 400 year old Constitution Jackson-Lee suddenly professes to believe in.  It is a nation of rules and laws that was set up to take power out of individual men’s and group’s hands.  They can change it via a 2/3 vote Amendment though.  Let’s do that.

Congress AND the idiot in the White House have both granted themselves far too much power not expressly given them.

Time to get rid of them all, my Angry Mob Voter friends.

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Pressed Freedom

You might walk away from this post thinking I believe what reporters tell me, and you are right to a point. You might think I think much of polls, which I don’t at all. But polls do sometimes have value.

In 2014 the US is in 46th place in terms of freedom of the press as shown in a Reporters Without Borders survey.

So yeah, I can link news articles. But for shits and giggles I searched out the results of all the years they did this. Here you go, the US world press freedom rankings from 2002 on. I wish the ranking went as far back as Nixon, but I will take this.

2002. 17
2003. 32
2004. 22
2005. 44
2006. 53
2007. 48
2008. 36
2009. 21
2010. 20
2011. 47
2012. 47
2013. 32
2014. 46

It is hardly the most transparent administration ever. How do I know it originates there? A fish rots from the head down.

It is very interesting. We got the post 9/11 bump I would have expected and then as the world relaxed I wasn’t surprised at the decline. We got a bounce that would correlate well with the coming of the Messiah changing of the guard and the (ig)Nobel Peace Prize but then tanked as rapidly as a proverbial three day old fish. There is a synopsis that goes along with each year but I have not read any of them prior to 2012.

But fairly consistently we suck and blow surprisingly bad given how proud we are of freedom of the press.


Have a cringe.


Have a Vermeer. Good art always relaxes me, like a kitten, just not quite as much.


Have some snow. Please.


Apparently Apple owners are not caring for the loss of their bitCoin app.

Geez, people, it isn’t like bitCoin is used to buy drugs, prostitutes, weapons, documents, and assassins or anything like that.

Yeah, I am a fan of recycling.

No deposit though.

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Rationalize this.

By this logic we should all just move to communism, because anything you are able to do that is more than the least of us is owed to everyone else. Any advantage or largesse you have is artificially biased in your favor and as such you do not deserve it.

We currently have a highly discriminatory system where if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick or [if] you’re going to get sick, you cannot get health insurance.

The only way to end that discriminatory system is to bring everyone into the system and pay one fair price. That means that the genetic winners, the lottery winners who’ve been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination now will have to pay more in return. – source here

Your extra hard work that you put into your business? That was from extra energy that was granted to you by your genetics. You are a good musician or engineer or soldier? That was your genetic jackpot, so give. Oh, so you sweated for years in school and worked hour after hour of unpaid OT because you are exempt from OT? Well, thank you for doing what your genetic potential allowed you the pleasure of doing, so hand me your wallet.

The magnitude of the antithesis of injustice here is astounding, and the rationale masquerades as compassion even as it oppresses. It does what it must, because it can.

I don’t know what I can say that trumps that in terms of stupidity so I will stop there.

No, I won’t stop here.

I want to come up with a Mike Rowe worthy expression. He manages to say things that are powerful but immediately sensible and respectful.

That is a gift.

A letter to Mike Rowe…

I’m not sure where I heard that you are an Eagle Scout, which brings me to my question. Could you PLEASE take a moment & post to my 13 year old son Kelby & encourage him to finish scouting (& anything else that’ll help with this?) Reason I’m asking is that he only lacks 1 1/2 – 2 years in reaching Eagle, but some of his buddies have got him to thinking scouting isn’t cool at his age.
Thanks much, Gary

(The article says): Indeed Mike is infact an Eagle Scout, and he had a great response to the request addressed to Kelby, here is the first part:

Your Dad asked me to drop you a line and say something inspirational that might persuade you to dig down deep and find the determination to make the rank of Eagle Scout. It’s a reasonable request, from a father who obviously wants to see his son succeed. But here’s the thing – The Eagle Award is not really meant for people who need to be dragged across the finish line. It’s meant for a select few, and I have no idea if you have the guts to see it through.

There is a mode of thought there. The first inclination is to give the kid encouragement. But really, why note exceptionality if you have to make someone be exceptional? Self drive is the behavior to model, and the right call is to insist that people be exceptional on their own merits, not because they had a cheerleader. Everyone needs encouragement, but a leader, someone who can BE exceptional should be able to see it through when they get that close.

Here is another one.

The guy in New York that defended a blind man in his restaurant against a vile predatory woman

Your first response is “good for him!” Right? Well, it should be.

What is your second response? “What is the world coming to?” Yes, that is good, too.

Third, you would be right to say “this is a teaching moment”.

Ok, but what you should really be saying is “Rather than be outraged, we should be shocked. We should be explicitly saying to ourselves repeatedly as a society that we will not tolerate dishonest and predatory stuff like this. We should be all over people from an early age for being animals.”

As a society there should have been ten people willing to pull her aside and call BS on her.

I am not advocating vigilante behavior. I am saying that peer pressure can and should be used for good, and we should be focusing on that rather than shaking our heads and “Hnnuhh, it’s a shame.”

So what is the name of the new school of thought that smells things like they are, that sees through to the real heart of the issue at hand? It has to be wise, respectful, and worthy of being called rational. It has to stand for no-holds-barred judgement, requiring no apology because it is self evident.

It has to respectfully say “you don’t show evidence of having grit” or “you have truly earned recognition” or “you need to get off your butt and contribute” or “thank you for your amazing commitment.”

Ok, have a graphic.


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I have followed this NSA thing this last week and a number of things keep circulating in my head.

One, is anyone really surprised? Was anyone surprised that this capability existed?

Two, the guy did us a favor by showing real proof.

Three, the guy broke an oath, or at the very least a binding sworn contract that he would not blab. That is really totally uncool. I am not fond of whistleblowers.

Four, he wasn’t in an enviable situation. What he was seeing was wrong and there should be a lot of folks embarrassed that they played a part in this mess. This guy is in the grey area of no right solution, no fair solution, but cold hard facts. Life sucks.

Five, Obama owns this. Bush owns this, too, but Obama has no higher moral ground.

Six, I heard some wanker from higher up actually say “We can’t read all those emails.” … as if that makes it ok. It doesn’t matter! If you cannot read them, why do you need them? This leads to the logic of “if you aren’t doing anything wrong you won’t mind us searching your stuff.”

Seven, Obama said:

America is “going to have to make some choices” balancing privacy and security

… I ask… WHY? At the expense of my online privacy, my telephone calls, tracking my movements via cellphones, and at some point my vehicles as well?

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Eight, short of a figurative nuclear smoking gun, Obama is political Teflon(tm).


Spaced Diode is nearly home, sailing back from Bermuda. I have sent him the following plaintext message:

spaced diode do not come home stop zombies have us surrounded stop we have been holed up and all are safe until the beans and water run out stop it was not the manatees stop it was the squirrels stop the squirrels were ground zero stop pray for us all stop

I hope he gets the message in time.

This seems to be where he is at the moment.


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A fearsome lesson.

One of two things will result from a second term with President Obama.

A top-heavy bureaucracy the electorate cannot touch always expands to the system’s limits of energy. Steal it from the aged, from the retired, from anyone. Especially from those we once called middle class because that’s where most of the energy originates.  – Frank Herbert

This is what I fear.  A bureaucracy that this electorate cannot touch.  We already have it and that bureaucracy is a parasitic one that gives enough of the host just enough resources in return that the host is more than willing to enslave itself for more – it’s an addiction cycle most sinister.

The second thing I fear and it is even worse, is that the parasitic/narcotic cycle mentioned above will contain just enough paralytic that the nourishing elements of the electorate that could fight back are neutralized by an addicted majority.

Let’s lay that out a bit straighter.  A bureaucracy that is top heavy and cannot be controlled by the healthiest portion of the population that is becoming a minority with increasingly few resources to resist now has a majority of the population feeding off the healthiest.  And that bureaucracy is kept in power by those that it keeps fed.  Those that are providing are no longer necessary for the cycle of power to be renewed again and again.


If neither happens then it gets even worse.  The debt burden will become crushing.  An addict never stops without a bottoming out.  We will follow the path of Greece when our practices can no longer be denied.  At that point the situation will be quite dire indeed.

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Brit Hume hit the nail on the head.  The pundits have been trying to make sense of the polls and reportage, because they make little or no sense.

He said we have X percentage of conservatives.  We have Y percentage of liberals.  That leaves 40% moderates.

His answer is that most of those moderates are liberals.  Liberals became a dirty word and so it became better to call themselves moderates.

FACT:  Liberals are very good at changing their colors.  Not liberals… Moderates.  Just like Global Warming morphed into Climate Change and so on.
It’s all in what you call yourself.  A win on the conservative side for standing by your ideals, saying what you are, refusing to buy people with free stuff, and calling it like you see it is a Pyrrhic victory – yes, we have won on the side of being true, but we keep getting the shit bashed out of us when it comes to a nation of people who say “What you got fo me?”


Yeah, I am in a piss-ass mood.  I don’t see how we can get the electoral votes.  It’s early but it isn’t looking good.

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I wonder if someone should alert NBC to the fact that it’s not 2008 still.


Here’s a reasonable illustration showing how some people need Fisher-Price voting blocks… (Thank you, NBC, for being consistently as stupid as the ‘voters’ that you champion.)

Tabitha Brown, 29, of Oregon, says she won’t vote because she finds her ballot too confusing. “I’m just a simple girl,” she said. “Dumb it down for us.”

In Buffalo, N.Y., Ryan King, 19, said he won’t vote because he doesn’t know if he’s registered. He mailed in a registration form, but no one replied, so he doesn’t know where to show up. Further south in the Bronx, Lala, a woman who is staying at a shelter, isn’t voting because she thought she needed a state ID, which she can’t afford. When she learned she didn’t need an ID, it was too late to register.

Seriously.  “Dumb it down for us” was uttered by a bottom-feeding cretin.  Rather than taking the totally passive “I’m simple” approach, why not try to learn and educate one’s self?  Too much effort, I suppose.

Don’t know where to show up to vote?  Why not go to a library or open up a phone book to find out?  Looking it up online has never been easier.  Call your local RNC/DNC headquarters and they would be tickled to help you – it’s only a phone call away.

Don’t know whether you need an ID?  Ask someone!  Or just sit back and let bad things happen because you lacked the impetus to move.

These are the “disenfranchised” voters you will hear about.  THESE are the people the liberals desperately want to get voting, because these are the people without the slightest semblance of anything more than a rudimentary limbic system and are most likely to vote for whoever promises them something free and with no regard to the use of personal common sense.

Let’s not go back to this:


Rush Limbaugh to be played by John Cusack.  Won’t that be a treat?  Maybe they can bring back Dan Aykroyd to reprise his role as the perpetually constipated Dick Cheney (War, Inc.).

Here’s my problem.  As an actor, in certain movies, I love John Cusack.  But the guy is such an inflamed asshole in real life, it saps much of the enjoyment I could get from his stuff.


And lastly, a headline from a few days ago:

Minorities In Poor Neighborhoods Less Likely To Receive CPR

Minorities who suffer heart attacks in poor neighborhoods are not nearly as likely to receive proper CPR compared to if they were to suffer from cardiac arrest in affluent white neighborhoods.

You may say “Lemur King, why are you talking about this?”

I’ll toss out two portions of that article:

A recent study from a group of medical researchers found that blacks and Hispanics are about 30 percent less likely to be aided by CPR than white people, with the odds being the worst when it involves a black victim in a low-income black neighborhood.

Blacks and hispanics are 30% less likely to be aided by CPR than whites.  Somehow if you are white you (again) have an advantage over a minority, is the implication.

Comilla Sasson, the study’s lead author from the University of Colorado in Denver, found that socio-economic status actually makes more of a difference in a person surviving than a neighborhood’s racial makeup.

If “socio-economic status actually makes more of a difference in a person surviving than a neighborhood’s racial makeup” why preface it with “blacks and hispanics are about 30% less likely to be aided by CPR than white people”?  Why not say “poor people are less likely to get aid”?

Yes, you can argue that blacks and hispanics are more likely to be poor so there is no contradiction here but it’s a matter of how you choose to talk about the results.  This is a study that was aimed and put in a spin cycle to make it sound like whites are all surviving just fine while blacks and hispanics are getting a short end of a stick through no fault of their own, and probably at the hands of whites.

Yes, Comilla Sasson is black, why do you ask?  More focus needs to be put on this:

…the odds being the worst when it involves a black victim in a low-income black neighborhood.

What should have been asked in the article was “Why are more blacks and hispanics unmotivated to learn CPR?  If they are learning CPR, why are they unmotivated to render assistance?”

What are the odds of surviving if you are a white in a black neighborhood or a black in a white neighborhood?

And whose fault is all of this?  What is the “fix” to the problem – throw more money somewhere?  If people haven’t been motivated before, what will make them motivated in the future if opportunities are provided?

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We drove a great distance at great risk to ourselves – we risked the odds of fires, floods, pestilence, earthquakes, tsunamis, teeming hordes of rabid skunks – all so we could go to the distant town of Brighton to see Michelle Malkin speak.

It was a packed crowd for the region it was in, and I’d estimate two to three thousand easily.  Cold, blustery, the kids whined in our ears even as the wind roared through them.

Cruel Wife and I had been talking about Tea Party and Lemurita wanted to know what that was about.  We described the original Tea Party and how there are some similarities and what the Tea Party means now.

I had taught Lemurita on the way up the nasty habit of redistribution of wealth by putting it in terms of getting an A that you worked hard on and giving 30 points to a kid who didn’t make the right choices and didn’t work as hard.  When MM talked about redistribution of wealth my daughter booed.  I am so proud.

MM said two things that stick in my head – one was her utter disgust with the cries of racism.  She held up her hand and said “What?  I’m darker than [Obama] is!”   And then she talked about inoculating our children against the attempts to indoctrinate them, saying “No, we need to to instill self-control… self-DISCIPLINE…”  Oh, a third thing stuck in my head… “women, we will be voting with our brain parts.”

It was a very quiet well-behaved crowd that politely cheered when she or Theyrone X had something good to say, booed the policies that anger any conservative, and in general was unfailingly polite to one another.  There were no beatings, no rapes, no shootings, no screaming matches, no hecklers, no public intoxication, no public urination, no obnoxious signs and counter rallies going on nearby.  It was like any Tea Party gathering – one of concerned citizens that are more than a little tired of the government thinking we work for them and not the other way around.

MM even mentioned HomeSec at one time tracking Tea Partiers because of the dangerous element they represent.  Well track me silly fellas.  You’ll get bored really fast.

And while waiting for a sign to put in my front yard I got to pet two Pugs, which were a hoot.

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Romney hates muppets.

Romney made no bones about cutting PBS and naturally Libtards assumed that he logically hated Sesame Street.  It’s a logical assumption, after all, if you have the reasoning ability of a six-year-old.

Recently he turned down an interview with Nickelodeon because unlike Obama, he’s got people to meet with, places to go, and things to do that don’t involve fluffing his ego.

“First Big Bird, now Nickelodeon,” cracked Washington Post TV critic Lisa de Moraes. “What’s up with Mitt Romney and kids?”

Linda Ellerbee, “Kids Pick the President” host and a former NBC anchor and reporter and  CNN commentator, denounced Romney for his decision. “That’s several million kids who actually want to get involved in the democratic process,” Ellerbee said. “They don’t deserve to be dissed. But former Gov. Romney also blew off Letterman and Big Bird, so I guess we’re in good company.”


Several million kids may want to be involved in the democratic process… is that so?   Well, if Obama can just write an Executive Order to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, he ought to be able to involve those little moppets.

But Romney… Romney obviously hates muppets and moppets.  Obviously.

I want to find the cartoonist “Reynolds” and tell him “Well done for not showing horrified muppets. Hungry muppets are much better.”


They aren’t being dissed, to be totally blunt, they don’t matter in the electoral process.  So Ellerbee, sit down, shut up, and hang on.

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Insert Word Here.

Cruel Wife told Hacker-Boy that he needed to get ready for bed.

His scowl, closed fists, set jaw, and head lowered – it was man language – I felt a need to translate for CW.

I said (sotto voce):  “You bitch.”

She looked at me, shaking her head.

“You know that’s what he was thinking about you… he just didn’t have the words.”

Which gave us both a good hearty laugh because it’s true.

We’re not so old we don’t remember being kids ourselves.


While we’re on that topic… right hand to God, this was my pre-pre-bedtime-story discussion with Lemurita…

She was complaining about how pizza is ruined.  She says “It tastes like garbage.  Miss Obama really messed up our pizza.”

Of course she is referring to Michelle O’s crusade to decide what is best for our children, as if we couldn’t decide.    And here.

I asked her “You do know why mom and I are conservative, right?” We’ll leave the concepts of conservative, libertarian, republicrats, liberal, commies (oops, already said liberal, didn’t I?), and the merits of each for when she’s older.

“What does that mean?”

“Well, for one thing – among many – it means that we believe that in this country we should have the right to choose what we do and don’t want to eat, that it isn’t up to our government to decide those things for us.  We tell them what to do, not the other way around.”

She said “Well, I think if people are brave enough, they should write to the government and tell them they want our food back.”

“I agree absolutely, Lemurita, with one teensy exception.  You know what that is?”

“No.  What?” she asked.

“I believe that we should never have to be brave to exercise our rights.  If you want to stand on the corner and shout out your opinion or go to the Mall in DC then you have that right because we live in a free country.  A lot of people in the world don’t get to do that, but we do.  It is just a matter of people getting off their butts and saying and doing things and voting.  That’s why we vote, so we can pick the people we want to go to Washington who will do what we want, not – for example – the unelected wife of our President.  Someday we may have a woman President and I’ll say for her husband what I say for the First Lady now – if you want to get involved in our government, run for office and get elected.  Don’t assume because your spouse was elected that it makes you special.”

Lemurita said “She sure ruined our pizza.”

She may be nine, but she’s been given a priceless lesson by the Obamas, which is rule of the people is far less palatable than rule by the people.

The kids take lunches to school now.  No way are we going to be a part of this ridiculous program.


Fox News is getting stupider by the day, I swear.  They posted this pic with the caption:

Emmy Style: Hot or Not?

Seriously?  This is the equivalent to saying:

Ribs: Hot or Not?

I mean, great googley moogley… just LOOK at them.


And here is a real live Public Safety Announcement from Lemur King (really really).

It was pointed out by my late mother-in-law, a chemist, that cooking the dish will not get rid of all the alcohol that you add to it for quite some time.  I was curious and damned if she wasn’t absolutely right.  So if you have a thing about exposure to ethanol in quantity, give it a think before you go tipping up a bottle of vino in your dish or flaming those pears with brandy.


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Obama has been trying to bolster his right-wing-ed-ness in a way that is painful and insulting to watch.  Thank you, Sean M. for that – I’d have missed that stuff.  And O’s every utterance linked by Sean M. is enough to make you ill.  Listening to Obama talk about his conservative side and bipartisan work with Republicans is like listening to a convicted wife-beater state over and over again how much he supports women’s issues and loves his wife.

WashingtonPost put up a good one:


What is so beautiful here is the irony – any possible right-wing claims Obama might have had have been washed away by his steady drizzle/drivel just as his sand statue has been washed away by reality.  It’s like John Keat’s tombstone:

Here lies one whose name was writ in water.

Except for Obama, it would read:

Here lies one whose career was sculpted in sand.

Thing is, when Obama says:

“I think that after this election, we’ll be in a position to once again reach out to Republicans and say that the American people have rendered a judgment, and the positions we’re taking are well within what used to be considered bipartisan centrist approaches.”

He usually means:

They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.

Let’s see what judgment the American people render in a few months.

Maybe more later…

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More to come later but for now, I’m going to make mention of Snarky Basterd’s paddling of His Thin-Skinned Awesomeness (Obummer) when it comes to His twitter-twaddle account.  Right on, Snarky.

I love it when a point is scored and it is so obviously confirmed.


Okay.  It is now “later”.

Been working a lot the last few days – so I’m catching up on some remarks about current events.  In a moment.

First, you might be excused for thinking this article was describing more than one person at the Republican Convention in Tampa.

But you’d be wrong because it is from the early 90’s.  I have carried that damn thing around since before CW and I got married.  A pristine image of it can be found here.

Wait until I show off an original “Dog Faced Baby” I also had tucked away.


Human Organs Found in Storage Locker.

Officials at the medical examiner’s office in Pensacola say the remains of more than 100 people were found crudely stored in Tupperware containers, garbage bags and drink cups. Many of the remains were not identified.

Officials are trying to determine whether Berkland broke any laws regarding biomedical waste and the storing and disposing of human remains.

Really?  The highest priority was to ask the question “did he break any laws?” rather than ask the question “how can we get this sick puppy confined so he isn’t amongst the public?”… really?  

Taking work home is one thing but this is beyond that.  Way beyond.

Ann Romney: This Man Will Lift Up America!

“This is the man America needs. This is the man who will wake up every day with the determination to solve the problems that others say can’t be solved, to fix what others say is beyond repair. This is the man who will work harder than anyone so that we can work a little less hard.”


“I can’t tell you what will happen over the next four years. But I can only stand here tonight, as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an American, and make you this solemn commitment:

“This man will not fail.  This man will not let us down.  This man will lift up America!”

I don’t need Romney to work harder so I can work a little less hard.  That’s not the American Way and isn’t what “grit” and “intestinal fortitude” are made of.   Expecting the other guy to work harder so you can work less hard is what we’re trying to get rid of by getting Obama out of office (getting rid of socialism).

I also don’t care about Ann Romney, her motherhood, her grandmotherhood, wifehood as it pertains to electing our next President… Her husband is running for office, not her.  When I interview for a job my wife isn’t invited in by the prospective employer to be a part of that process.  

As to him failing… we’ll be the judge of that when the time comes, m’kay?  Yes, I’m in a mood tonight.

No, I’m not a liberal by even a tiny stretch.  Yes, I’m an American.  No, I don’t believe Romney is any more conservative than I am liberal.  Yes, he’s still way right of Obama.  Yes, I’ll gladly take him over Obama.

“Emergency” Tax on the Rich

Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal-Democrat Party [UK], has proposed a one-time tax on the wealth (rather than the incomes) of high-net-worth Britons.

One-time?  You really think it’ll only be ‘one time’?  What happens next time someone notices that the coffers are dry and more entitlements need to be paid?

Taxing the net-worth?  Talk about a totally contemptuous move to punish “the rich” just for having something.  It is a government-sanctioned mugging.

Telling it like it is, in part.  An excerpt from Ryan’s Republican Convention speech:

And I’m going to level with you: We don’t have that much time.

And he hasn’t even begun to make that clear enough and urgently enough.

Misplaced emphasis?

Wesley Shermatine, one half of the Speed Freak Killers duo, was reportedly let out of San Quentin’s death row  to help investigators search for victims, FOX40.com reported.

Shermantine aided investigators for the day, and was taken back to prison Sunday night.

Leonard Padilla, a bounty hunter, said Shermantine  was let out Sunday and is being offered reward money in exchange for bodies. Padilla believes the money is coming from the FBI and believes the reward will be paid to Shermantine per body.

The release was reportedly a test of sorts. If remains are found with information from Shermantine, he will be let out again.

Reward money?  Release?  How about “if you don’t tell us we’re going to start cutting off your body parts without anesthesia”?

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