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State the Obvious.

Ok, I feel a teeny bit guilty for posting Cruel Wife’s tipoff on the Fukushima Squid, but really I thought the title of the website would be a big clue: Lightly Braised Turnip.

That is way up there for a name of anything. It is almost as good as “Goat Cheese Pizza” for a band name. Or lyrics like “camel holocaust”.

I even provided a second major hint, the article that said that Republicans would stop courting Latinos (which will never happen because they are a bunch of simps). ALSO from the LBT.

But mostly I feel bad that MyFoxLA had to tell people that “More and More Online Stories are a Hoax”. Really?
This sort of thing leaves geeks mentally… Erect. Cruel Wife calls it mental masturbation.

Me, I think mental gymnastics about a Cubical Planet are fascinating.

Imagine a planet of cuboid shape, rotating about a plane through two vertices, and what a space-shot trajectory would look like. Never mind stability and reality of such a body, just have fun.

I have seen this sort of “what if” question peeve people off, but I see an inverse relationship between intelligence and vehemence more often than not as well. But, if you are intelligent and vehement (an outlier) just go away, ok?

This is the best news in years, if you are a parasite/pathogen or Pepto Bismol.


We’ve had nukable burritos in vending machines for decades – what was wrong with GutBombs(tm)?

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