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Short post as it is a migraine day.

I looked over and saw the cat, Mel, about six inches from the fridge looking at her reflection. Black cat, black fridge.

I imagine she was sitting there thinking “Damn, do I look good in black, or what?”

It is -5F and dropping fast outside. Going to work in the morning looks to be brutal at -15F. I think my biggest complaint this winter is the idiots on the road. A driver nearly made a statistic of himself under a gas truck right in front of me last week. It was his fault but I doubt he learned a thing.

Found this on pitsnipesgripes. Warning, it is NSFW, that site. It is a great site but visit on your own time for the funny stuff. It is tucked between lots of “art” (aka “smut”, but who am I to judge?).


Now… THIS one, I also found at PSG, and I will only comment to say a few things:

1) Warning… It is pretty “out there”
2) I can never see muppets the same way again
3) It is really really NSFW
4) My sister is scarred for life after viewing it, and I did not think it possible to shock her
5) I warned you

This is the tame sampler.


If that doesn’t deter you, then… Click on the period.

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